cover : Benoit Mallon Bunzen / drawings of animals : Tamar Kasparian
More info & pictures on the website :

What happens when 36 artists decide to observe and describe the animals living in their inner worlds ?
An incredible encyclopedia with more than hundred pages of original artworks (drawings, paintings, etchings… )  coming from all around the world ( Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, U.S., Australia, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Sweden…)
A project curated by Tamar Kasparian
The 36 Artists or Mad Scientists:
Eric Demelis , Pablo Jurado Ruiz ,Scott Marr , Dimitri ‘Jangojim’ Sakelaropolus ,  Piet Rodriguez , Lady Orlando, Ella Nitters , Angela Mercedes Donna Otto  , Jon Juarez , Alessandro Sicioldr Bianchi,   Anneke Caramin , Tamar Kasparian , Emilie Terlinden, Ruben Voka , Seven Freeman , Yuria Broccoli , Bisser , Erik Svetoft , Gaspard Pitiot , Dominique Lardeux , Oxanax(Benjamin Hendlisz) , Caroline Véjux, Olivier Bonhomme , Vincent de Trazegnies , Arijmoka , Mathias Costa , Caroline Dahyot, Anna Taut , Nadia Berz , CHU’A , Liliane Cock , Anne Gilsoul , FSTN  , Franck Chartron, Benoît Mallon "Bunzen"
Lady Orlando - Mexico
Sicioldr - Italy
Olivier Bonhomme - France
Bisser Belgium
Pablo Jurado Ruiz - Spain
Oxanax - Belgium
Erik Svetoft - Sweden
Tamar Kasparian - Belgium
Liliane Cock- Belgium
Sicioldr - Italy
Anna Taut - Poland
Chu'A - France
Piet Rodriguez - Belgium
Ella Nitters - The Netherlands
Lady Orlando - Mexico
Scott Marr - Australia
Yuria Broccoli - Italy/Belgium
Vincent de Trazegnies - France
Nadia Berz - France/Belgium
Mathias Costa- France/Belgium
Dominique Lardeux- France
Franck Chartron- France
Eric Demelis & Gaspard Pitiot
Anne Gilsoul - Belgium
Ruben Voka - Belgium
Emilie Terlinden- Belgium
Seven Freeman
Caroline Dahyot
Bisser, Oxanax & Olivier Bonhomme
Tamar Kasparian, Sicioldr & Lady Orlando
Lady Orlando, Erik Svetoft & Piet Rodriguez
Pablo Jurado Ruiz, Anna Taut & Chu'A
Nadia Berz, Liliane Cock & Vincent de Trazegnies
First exhibition of the Encyclopedia of Unusual & Weird Animals at the Natural Sciences Museum of Brussels ( ) during the Museum Night Fever Saturday 22 of february 2014 !
3500 Visitors !!
The Museum Night Fever is the annual big night out in the city’s museums, 24 museums will be showing off the best they have to offer ( ).
During that night, the city and the museums become a playground for artists.
Facebook event :
This exhibition of the encyclopedia was possible thanks to the help of MacSwell a.s.b.l.
The Encyclopedia of Unusual & Weird animals – Program at the Natural Sciences Museum of Brussels- Saturday 22 of february:
Exhibition of the original drawings, paintings & etchings : Gallery of the Dinosaurs – 1st floor
Large scale projections of the Encyclopedia’s pages on the walls & the ceiling : Gallery of the Evolution – 4th floor
Live drawing of unusual & weird animals – 7 m -1am : Gallery of the Dinosaurs – 1st floor

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